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New North Academy

Year 2 - Learning @ Home

Monday 4th January:

Art: There were lots of fireworks this week for New Years Eve. Create your own fireworks picture using the resources you have at home. You can even use food! If you need ideas, there's some here.

600+ Free Fireworks & Rocket Illustrations - Pixabay


In the New North playground over the holidays we found this mystery object!

BBC - Nature UK: Unsprung mystery objects quiz

Write a story about what the object is and where it came from, what adventure might happen becuse of the object? Can you create illustations to go with your story?


Solve the word problems below:

Ms Sharp has 48 pencils. She lost 27! How many does she have left?

Mr Hutchings baked 65 hot biscuits for all of his friends. He dropped 29 on the floor! How many does he have now?

Activity : Can you create your own subtraction word problems for someone who you live with to solve? You can create your own answer page so that you can choose to either mark it yourself or provide them with the answers.



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