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New North Academy

Year 1 - Learning @ Home

Monday 4th January:

Art: There were lots of fireworks this week for New Years Eve. Create your own fireworks picture using the resources you have at home. You can even use food! If you need ideas, there's some here.

600+ Free Fireworks & Rocket Illustrations - Pixabay


Hide some treasure somewhere in your house. Can you write instructions for someone to find the treasure? Encourage your child to use some of the following vocabulary. left and right, top, middle and bottom, on top of, in front of, above, between, around, near, close and far, up and down, forwards and backwards, inside and outside. 


Make an eye spy jar/ bottle. Fill it half way with rice or sand. Include small objects. Play a game of eye spy with a family member. When guessing words, remember to sound out and blend each word.


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