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New North Academy

SEND Home Learning

Welcome to our SEND useful resources and videos page, you will find lots of ideas of ways to help your child at home on this page. We hope this will be particularly helpful.

If you have any questions you can contact our new SEND parent email address which is:

Helpful resources for pupils with Autism

  • Attention Autism live and recorded sessions with Gina Davies 

  • Online visual timetable resource 

  • Lots of messy play and sensory play ideas 

  • Zones of regulation visuals 

Helpful resources for pupils with Speech, Language and Communication difficulties

  • Broad range of visual images for key vocabulary 

  • Where’s Spot language game 

  • NHS Speech, Language and Communication resources 

  • Vocabulary builder 

  • Word games for home 

  • Makaton signs and songs to learn at home 

Helpful resources for pupils with Cognition and Learning difficulties (dyslexia, memory and processing difficulties, reading, writing or spelling difficulties)

  • Phonics play 

  • Online Maths games 

  • English games BBC Bitesize


Helpful resources for pupils with Physical difficulties (fine motor difficulties, physical disabilities, sensory difficulties)

  • Touch Typing games 

  • Sensory play ideas and activities 

Helpful resources for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues.

  • Resources to help pupils understand the Coronavirus Pandemic 

  • Think Ninja App - this can be downloaded on your phone
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga 

  • Elsa at home 14 day challenge