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New North Academy

Star of the Week

The stars of the week for 2nd December - 'Super Singer'

  • Opal  -  Micah, he always sings along giving 100% showing the class how to perform. 
  • Jade - Guadalupe is our star this week. She enjoys singing and shows real joy and happiness when she sings!
  • Garnet - Abdinasir, for being so enthusiastic when learning the words for our nativity songs.
  • Ruby - Ryan for his amazing enthusiasm during Christmas rehearsal assembly.
  • Amethyst - Ashley, every time we put a song on (in singing assembly or otherwise), Ashley joins in with his heart and soul!
  • Aquamarine - Alyssa, for always singing her heart out and inspiring others around her to sing too.
  • Sapphire -  Eric, he always sings beautifully and thoroughly enjoys taking part in our singing lessons. 
  • Amber - Nathaniella for showing great persistence, resilience and determination during the number bee. . 
  • Emerald - Lydia, for her incredible enthusiasm during Christmas singing assembly. 
  • Jet - Sanaz, for always giving her best in music lessons, singing well in a group and representing NNA in cello performances. 
  • Onyx -  Callum, for being really brave and singing a solo in singing assembly.

The stars of the week for 25th November - 'Number Bee Champion'

  • Opal  - Toprak who answered all his mental maths questions as quick as a flash and tried his best. 
  • Jade - Ecem, who was the number bee finalist, well done.
  • Garnet - Alexo for his swift mental maths in the number bee and for coming second place in the whole of KS1! 
  • Amethyst - Zackariya who was able to get to second place in the Number Bee because of his hard work and drive to succeed in every maths lesson! 
  • Aquamarine - Emanuel, who was the number bee finalist, well done.
  • Sapphire - Tyler for showing great determination, resilience and none the less great mental maths skills.
  • Amber - Nathaniella for showing great persistence, resilience and determination during the number bee. . 
  • Emerald - Abbas for showing great patience, grit and resilience on his way to being crowned the NNA Number Bee for 2019!
  • Jet - Abeer, who was the number bee finalist, well done.
  • Onyx - Lionel, who was the number bee finalist, well done..

The stars of the week for 18th November - 'Sporting Prowess'

  • Opal  - Edith, she has shown a natural flare for dance and has performed to the whole class. She worked well in team and taught others all the moves. 
  • Jade - Hanad, he enjoys all physical activities and always tries his best to succeed and be the best.
  • Garnet - Saim for always making good choices in PE lessons and confidently demonstrating good technique with a hockey stick. 
  • Amethyst - Connor for being a great team player and always helping children who need a hand. 
  • Aquamarine - Jennah for showing determination and good sporting prowess in our PE lessons.
  • Sapphire - JD, he has demonstrated great sporting prowess during our p.e sessions, always getting involved, trying his best and most of all never giving up ! Keep it up JD.
  • Amber - Noah for his dedicated sportsmanship and showing great team skills. He is supportive of his classmates and is always willing to help. 
  • Emerald - Mikail for combining his devastating speed with greater balance and coordination during P.E. lessons this week.
  • Jet - Danielle for always giving 100% in PE lessons and displaying brilliant sportsmanship when representing the school in the Year 6 football team. 
  • Onyx - Ozawe for his excellent football skills, good teamwork and superb sportsmanship.