Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy

Useful Information

Admission Arrangements

The New North Academy Admissions Policy is in line with the London Borough of Islington and the pan-London arrangement.

The Governing Body is responsible for the admission of pupils into The New North Academy and complies with the infant class size rules which requires that each Reception (Foundation Stage 2), Year 1 or Year 2 class must have no more than 30 children with a qualified teacher.

The admission numbers for The New North Academy take this into account.


Nursery and Years 1 to 6

Children who are approaching their 3rd birthday, and children aged 5-11, can collect an admission form directly from the Academy or download one using the link below.

Reception Classes

Children who wish to attend Reception classes at the Academy (aged between 4 and 5), must go to 222 Upper Street to collect their admission form.

Once you have completed the form and returned to us, we will then forward your application to the central admission department.

The document below sets out our Academy’s Admission policy to ensure that the children benefit from as much help and support as possible, and are provided at the same time with the best possible security.

Academy’s Admission Policy

Should you have any enquiries or questions related to your child’s admission to our school please contact our main office and speak to Mrs Nimira Lalji – our lead for admissions.

Application for admission to The New North Academy


At The New North Academy we are constantly striving to be the very best that we can be, and are committed to driving improvement where it is needed. An area of school life where standards are not currently good enough is attendance and punctuality.


We have been working really hard in this area to ensure that families know what is expected and to bring down the number of families who are judged to be persistently absent – this is any family whose child(ren)’s attendance is less than 95%


Within this sub heading parents will find lots of information around attendance. They key thing to remember is that there is a legal responsibility on parents to ensure their child is in school, on time, every day. If you have problems or difficulties in this area we really do want to hear about them in the hope that we can support you; we have lots of experience in helping families.


Some key facts:


  • Children should be in class and ready to learn at 9am on the dot. The school gates open at 8.40am and children can start to come in to settle into classes from 8.45am.
  • We expect all children to be in school, every day for the 190 school days we are open
  • There are 175 days where children are not in school where we expect holidays and medical appointments to be made
  • If children are persistently late or absent parents run the risk of receiving a penalty notice (monetary fine)
  • The government have recently re-emphasised their expectations of positive school attendance. If your child’s attendance drop to below 95% (this is 10 school days) you are judged to be Persistently Absent and this can potentially result in further fines and Court Orders. This is the government expectation, for all schools, and not just NNA.


We work hard to celebrate the hard work of children and families by holding Attendance Focus Weeks where those with the best attendance receive certificates and trophies; these run every month. For those children and families who arrive on time, every day for a whole term or year there are also special rewards.


Mrs Nimira Lalji is our Attendance and Admissions Leader. She works alongside Mrs Jackie Headley, our Education Welfare Officer, and is the person you should talk to if you have any worries around attendance and punctuality.


School Uniform

A school uniform offers pupils at school a sense of identity. It allows children to be part of their ‘team,’ enables children to have a level playing field (with no competition around the current labels and fashions) and really does contribute to having a sense of belonging.

The public image of our school and families is advertised through our pupils. We want our school to continue to build on its reputation with children who are smart and well-presented.

Please see the link below for information on our expected school uniform for 2015

Uniform letter – 15.7.15