Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy

The BIG Alliance

The Businesses for Islington Giving Alliance  This is a great business that we have worked with for over two years now… and are confident that this partnership will grow and grow. The BIG Alliance is a business-supported employee volunteer programme which facilitates employees from businesses across Islington and The City to link with community organisations so that they can benefit from learning with and from a range of experts from a wealth of successful businesses.

We are proud to have been linked with Expedia and also Euromonitor – two hugely successful and multi-million pound businesses – who have contributed massively to our fantastic Enterprise Weeks. Not only have they created a great stimulus for themed learning but their employees have come to share their expertise and provide real purpose and teaching to the each week’s focus.

Children have also been able to visit their offices, which has really helped to broaden their horizons and heighten their ambitions for just what they CAN do in the future if they work hard in school!

Employees from the businesses also relish the opportunity to inspire children and with the help of The BIG Alliance we have had some matches made in heaven that have really positively impacted children’s experiences in and beyond school.

The Big Alliance & Expedia The Big Alliance has written an piece about how impressed the volunteers from Expedia were with our pupils for Business & Enterprise week 2018. Click here for the full story. http://thebigalliance.org.uk/news/islington-primary-students-impress-volunteers-expedia-inc Please click on the link below for the article that the Islington Gazette wrote about our brilliant pupils e-edition of the Islington Gazette – page 15  http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/home/e-edition

The Big Alliance & Expedia Young entrepreneurs at New North Academy designed family holidays to dream destinations with travel experts Expedia for our Business & Enterprise Week 2017.  Click on the link below for the full article http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/education/new_north_academy_students_get_creative_in_business_design_and_enterprise_week_1_4868882

The Big Alliance and Euromonitor Euromonitor thoroughly enjoyed working with our children on our first every Business and Enterprise week 2016 inventing a new healthy snack bar.  Below is a link to the article they have written on their corporate site about our Product Developers of the Future at New North Academy. http://blog.euromonitor.com/2016/03/product-developers-of-the-future-business-and-enterprise-week-at-new-north-academy-london.html