Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy

Teach First

Teach First believe that it only takes one brilliant teacher to change a child’s life. Working with schools across England and Wales, the charity provides world-class teacher and leadership training for people passionate about giving children an incredible education.

The programme is intensive and fast t rack pathway to ensure that highly skilled teachers join the fantastic education profession. Those participants who pass the rigorous Teach First assessment process and are selected to join the programme spend the majority of their time working in a partnership school where they are ably supported by the school’s own outstanding teachers.

During a two year programme they teach and also attend additional training and development sessions. The New North Academy is now in its third consecutive year of partnership with Teach First. In that time we have trained and worked with seven inspiring teachers.

We are so proud to be shaping the nations teachers and sharing our own excellent practice with them so that they are able to make the difference to children’s lives we too are so passionate about. The partnership with Teach First also allows the teaching and learning team at New North to remain up to date on educational issues and research, and also demonstrates our own school culture of committing to professional development and investment in teacher talent.