Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy


At NNA, we have based our homework policy around our own extensive research into homework in primary schools. We aim for homework to be efficient and effective in improving outcomes but also, above all else, to promote enjoyment of learning! We 100% encourage parents to get stuck in as it is one of the most valuable ways of promoting a love of learning in your child! Children receive one homework menu per half term with a choice of nine tasks to complete, based on the theme that they are learning about in their class. They are expected to complete at least 3 tasks over the half term. As well as this, children receive weekly reading, spelling and times tables tasks; Year 6 children have additional grammar and maths revision on a weekly basis in preparation for their end of Key Stage Two SATs and to ensure they are more than ready for Secondary school. Some great things about homework at NNA are:

  • It encourages creativity
  • Children can choose tasks that appeal most to their strengths and interests
  • Children receive positive reinforcement for good work, receiving ‘dojo points’ for every task they complete
  • The child in each class with the most dojo points for homework at the end of each term is crowned ‘Homework Champion’ and receives a special certificate and a prize
  • The focus is on high quality work rather than quantity and the best pieces of work are displayed around school
  • Parents are encouraged to get as involved as possible to support their child’s learning and enjoy learning together!