Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy

Our Curriculum

The New North Academy curriculum

A successful curriculum is the key to a child’s accelerated learning and progress. It enhances the children’s enjoyment and valuing of education. It leads to the child’s independent ability as a life-long learner. We aim to provide a curriculum that motivates and challenges every pupil to achieve their best learning. Our curriculum is both broad and balanced, and has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills. It provides a framework within which individual teachers can develop and create inspiring teaching and learning. Through this they will encourage children to make connections across subjects, speculate constructively, maintain an open mind while exploring a wide range of options, and reflect critically on ideas and outcomes. This will have a positive impact on their personal development, and on their preparation for life beyond school. Primarily, we teach through a topic-based approach, making links across the subjects, under each theme. Learning in all areas is differentiated, according to each child’s needs and potential ability. In some subjects we move away from topic-based learning, where we feel this will be beneficial. For example, in our maths teaching, we only link to a topic if it is entirely sensible to do so. As well as a full coverage of the National Curriculum, our curriculum specifically includes the themes of values and sustainability running through.

  • Values underpin our curriculum with positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty and compassion. This will continue to be established across the school as a part of our commitment to a Values Based Education. Our school is also committed to promoting the fundamental British Values and strive to embed these in daily school life, giving our children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens.
  • Our sustainability programme provides a framework for learning and encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom.

Whole School Thematic Map

The whole school thematic map is organised year by year and term by term. The map provides an overview of the subject knowledge to be covered and is used together with the School’s progression of Skills maps and the National Curriculum.

Top Box ·         Black: Science, History and Geography [Weighty knowledge content] ·         Red: Art and Design technology     SUSTAINABILITY ·         Purple: PE and games ·         Blue: RE (SACRE curriculum) Bottom Box ·         Black: Values and PSHE ·         Blue: British Values ·         Red: Safer Schools curriculum ·         Green: E-Safety