Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy


The New North Academy, like all schools in Islington, is committed to meeting the needs of all pupils including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Our Schools Information Report and SEND and Inclusion Policy will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the school and special educational needs.

If you would like more information contact:

  • Director of SEN
  • Mrs Julia Riese
  • 0207 704 3900.

At New North we believe that all children should be equally valued. We strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to develop an environment where all children can flourish and feel safe. We have a range of agreed policies to support this and ensure there is a shared and common understanding about our approach. We are committed to inclusion and part of the Academy’s strategic planning involves developing cultures, policies and practices that include all learners. We aim to engender a sense of community and belonging and offer new opportunities to learners who may have experienced previous difficulties or challenges. This does not mean that we treat all learners in the same way, but that we will respond to leaners in ways that take into account their various life experiences and needs. We believe that educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all earners, whatever their age, gender, demographic group, ethnicity, additional need, attainment and background. We pay particular attention to the provision for and the achievement of different groups of learners.

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SEN School Information Report 2017 2018

NNA SEND and Inclusion Policy