Headteacher: Miss Nicola Percy

Dear families,

Congratulations and Well Done to Y5 Amber who are the winners this week achieving 99.6% attendance.

It’s your responsibility …

Parents and carers have a legal duty to ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually in order to optimise their learning, achieve the best they can and get the most out of their school experience.

If a child is registered at a school they must by law attend that school regularly and punctually. Children should only miss school if they are ill or unable to attend for some other unavoidable reason.

Position Class Percentage
1 Y5 AMBER 99.6%
2 Y5 EMERALD 98.3%
3 Y3/4 AQUAMARINE 98.3%
4 Y1/2 RUBY 97.2%
5 Y6 ONYX 96.5%
6 Y3/4 AMETHYST 96.1%
7 Y1/2 JADE 95.6%
8 Y1 OPAL 95.5%
10 FS2 DIAMOND 94.8%
11 FS1 CORAL 91.6%
12 Y3/4 SAPPHIRE 91%
13 Y6 JET 90%